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Top 100 Classroom Blogs

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We’ve made the top 100!
Alexis Brett in an article on this site has nominated us to be in the top 100 classroom blogs. Check out some of the other blogs from around the world. What do you think?

Studyladder – Keep skills up in the holidays

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If you are interested in keeping up your skills over the holidays take a look at the link titled: Practice your Maths and Literacy skills here. It takes you to a website titled: where you can use your login details to access a heap of different resources. You will find your login details in your school email in box. Have fun!

Health Survey Reports

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Hey Team 16 I have been impressed with many of the reports you have written about your health surveys! You have found out some really interesting information. Some of you were able to compare your research with your survey results to come up with some interesting generalisations and even some recommendations for choosing healthier lifestyles!

Read Steph’s report for a good example of this.Steph’s Sleep Report

Some of the generalisations she noticed were:

Most students (who took the survey) were female and less of the students were male.

Basically the whole class was in the 10-13 age bracket and not many were in the 5-10 age bracket.

Not many people have enough sleep which means they are probably really tired at school

More people sleep in a bed which gives you a better night’s rest and means you are refreshed.

Not many people know how many hours of sleep you need. Only one person wrote the recommended amount of sleep.

I noticed that more than I expected said they sometimes sleep with a teddy because I didn’t ask for names.

No matter what gender you are you still need the same amount of sleep.

Younger people need more hours of sleep because they are still developing physically and mentally.

Generally people need 9-11 hours of sleep to allow their body to function properly.

Generally people would sleep in a bed because it is the most comfortable and practical place to sleep because you can stretch out.

I don’t sleep with a teddy bear but some people sleep with a teddy bear for security and to feel safe.

Generally you need 9-11 hours of sleep but sometimes it’s not possible because of your lifestyle and sporting commitments.


Kids should have 9-11 hours of sleep without being disturbed because all the information they get through the day is basically synced into their brain.

Term 4

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Room 16!

A belated welcome to term 4, the last term of the year. As the last term speeds by don’t forget to add some new posts to your blogs, especially since Mrs. Lawlor might be reading them.

When we have written our narratives you I will let you put them on your blogs, and you might also like to add your information about Picasso, when we finish it!

After y0ur camps, I would love to see some reports on where you went,  what you did and whether you had fun or not!!

Have a great last term of 2010, room 16, I look forward to spending it with you.

Miss Foster.

Term 4 News

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Dear Students and Parents of Team 16,

I hope you have all had a restful and re-energising holiday, and have had opportunities to enjoy the beautiful weather we have had lately.

I will need to take this term off to support my husband through his rehabilitation program. He is progressing well and his goal is to be back at work by the start of next year. Thank you for asking after his wellbeing, your thoughts are much appreciated.

During this last term of the year I would encourage all students to continue in their efforts to improve learning. You will have a new teacher to work with. I am sure that you will show them the respect they need to be able to support your learning.

I will be writing the reports that will go home at the end of term, so I will be liasing with your new teacher, and will be popping in to work with some of you occasionally.

Remember, if you have signed up to be part of the Student Blogging Challenge keep checking what the current challenge is. Keep up the good reading habits that you have established, so that you can continue to progress. You could also regularly visit the maths links on our class blog to challenge yourself mathematically. I will be regularly checking your Blog posts, and using this as a way of maintaining contact with you individually, so it would be great to keep updating these when you have time.

You will have many exciting opportunities this term including swimming/ aquatics, camp and preparation for School Captain roles for next year. Make the most of these and enjoy the experiences.

I look forward to keeping in touch with you, and hearing positive news about your progress.

All the best for Term 4.

Winona’s Book Report

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Week 10 News

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I have been lucky enough to join the class for the last week of term and would like to thank everyone for a fantastic day yesterday.

This week we will focus on 3 topics which are Indigenous Health, Patterns and Algebra and Drawing Techniques.

Our introduction to this weeks topic was to hear the story of Cameron (Mulrunji) Doomadgee. I would love to hear what you guys thought of this story!

Team 16 please remember that at any time this week if you are looking for something to do the 2h, 4b & 6b pencils are available for free drawing.

Well done to those people who were able to solve a challenge during maths!

Miss R

Ethan’s Book Report

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Listen to what Ethan has to say about Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters.

ethan’s review

Jack’s Book Reports

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Jack’s Reading

Listen to Jack’s Book Reports here.

Comparing Types of Graphs

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Yesterday students explored the advantages and disadvantages of different types of graphs. Students compared a column graph to a pie graph which represented the same information.

Angry graphs

Students noticed that:

Column Graphs

  • can show zero
  • seem easier to read (opinion)
  • easier to compare, same starting point – O

Pie Graph

  • can’t show zero
  • can’t see the number of people surveyed unless you write the fraction next to each section
  • Percentages can make graph clearer

We also discussed how graphs can be manipulated. For example in the survey question: Where do you get angry the most? the only options were yard, oval, home, and sport. We discussed other options that could have been available.